Lawn Care Services in Tulsa, OK

Mowing and Trimming

A well-kept lawn, healthy trees, and vibrant shrubs and flowers make your place more aesthetically pleasing and welcoming. Give your yard the care and attention it deserves with our lawn mowing and trimming services. 

Hedge Trimming: From regular hedge trimming to annual prunes, our professional trimming services will give your shrubs and bushes a fresh and healthy look.

Tree-Trimming: Make sure your trees are healthy with our tree-trimming services. We can trim and get rid of infected or dead branches to clean up your foliage, nurture your trees, and encourage growth.

Edging and Blowing

Get cleaner lawn lines with weed-free borders that don’t distort the shape and structure of your lawn’s edges. Our lawn care experts will pay utmost attention to your lawn’s edging needs and make it look perfect in no time. 

Eliminate dried leaves and tidy up your lawn and sidewalk with Jesus Seed Lawn Care. We work hard to make sure that dried leaves don’t ruin your lawn’s aesthetic appeal.



Turn your lawn into a space where you can relax and de-stress in nature’s company with Jesus Seed Lawn Care’s landscaping services. Whether you want to remove trees or plant flower beds, we can help you create your dream yard. 



Jesus Seed Lawn Care offers spring and fall cleanups to keep your lawn and sidewalks tidy all year round. Our crews will rake leaves, remove fallen branches, and clean up the debris so you get a nice, clean property.

We also help you remove weed and dead plants from your flower bed to make it look lush and gorgeous. Prepare for spring and fall with our cleanup services. 


Mulch keeps your garden insulated during the winter and helps preserve moisture in the summer. We can make sure that your lawn is healthy by preserving the soil’s natural nutrition with our mulching services. Our mulching services will help you reduce weed growth and make your yard look fresh and fabulous. Reach out to us today! 


Sod Installation

Enhance your lawn’s aesthetic appeal with our sod installation services. Installing a sod lawn takes time and patience. Since it is an investment, you would want to trust that the professionals you hire for the job will consider the many variables that affect the success of the installation. That’s why we like to keep you informed about our process and our progress along the way.

Take the first step towards creating your dream lawn by contacting us. We are waiting to hear from you!

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